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Halloween Party 2012 sneak peak video 2


Halloween Party sneakpeak video

Hey penguins!

This is a hallowen sneak peak video. Enjoy.

Click the skull at 10 secs to get part 2.

Waddle on!


The Fair!

Hey Everyone!

Are you excited for The Fair 2012? Heres all the info so far:

•You will be able to save tickets
•There will be 2 prize booths: one for members and one for non-members
Rookie will visit instead of Rockhopper
•There will be about 7 games
The Great Puffle Circus is avadible to all!

Wadddle on!

-Icicle6791 ♥

ps When is Daffodaily5 going to do a new blog post?

Inside Info: Lilybull

Hey Peeps!

This week I will give you the Inside Info on one of my pengin friends… Lilybull

Lilybull is a yellow penguin with a FREEHOOD hoddie!

She is Fudge70889’s sister!

In other news…
.The Adventure Party: Temple of fruit is nearly over! Pick up all the free items quick!
.I have now got all of the innocent items!
.Smoothie Smash is now here!
.School is almost here 😦 No more posts for now 😈

See ya all later!


ps Am I the only one who likes Lilybulls igloo? Lol!

Inside Info: Fudge70889

Hey Guys!

Today I will give you the inside info on my best cp friend…Fudge70889!

Fudge is an orange penguin with, well, errmm, basiclly she changes her look to often to say.

She LOVES all card jitsu games(understatement of th millenium!)

She has an estimate of 11 puffles (includes Smokey and Jet) and lives in a deluxe igloo with dance floor.


-She spends an average of 42.7 hours a week playing card jitsu (not necersairily on cp!)

-Her sister has a cp account (more info next week ;-)!)

Waddle on!


Inside Info: Icicle6791

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to give you some info on my penguins, Rosepetal609 and Icicle6791.

A few days before Cp’s 5th aniversary party, Rosepetal609 was born.

That was my account right until November 2011, when I took a 5 month break from Cp.

Then I created Icicle6791

Icicle6791 is a pink penguin with a yellow wig, a pink gamma-girl mask, a pink cape, a purple hoodie(FREEHOOD), a golden microphone, and pink rollerscates.

She has 2 puffles, Snowball and Summer, and lives in split-level igloo.

That’s the inside info on,well, me!

Next week: Inside Info:Fudge70889

Waddle ON!

Icicle6791 😉

Field opp

Hi everyone!

Club penguin released a new field opp.

-Go to the command room.Accept orders

-Go to the computers in the middle right of the command room.

-Complete opp

-You should get this message

(image coming soon)

Waddle on

Icicle6791 XD


Hey Guys!


3 Codes


-The Walls






Waddle on!



Club Penguin Mag

Hey guys!

Club Penguin has realeased the 7th Club Penguin mag!

Since I live in the UK, I’ll give you a taster!

-Club penguin Times


-Fasion 4 U: Animal Antics

-Puffle of the month: Orange

-Weather Warning

-Comic: Igloo Wars

-Cadence’s Catwalk: Great outdoors

-Penguin Profile: Rory

-Whats your ideal igloo?

-Penguin challenge: Home improvements

-Cool Cribs!

-Funky Furniture

-Penguin mission: Neibourhood watch

-Penguin challenge: Pizza delivary

-Comic: Popcorn missile

-Ask Aunt Artic

-Rockhoppers Chuckle Chest

-VIP: Jenny Jam100


Waddle on!


Igloo Features

Hey Guys!

Club Penguin has relesed the igloo features.

You can:

-Like others igloos

-Save multiple igloos

-Eat pizza (only joking!)

-Get basic furniture

-Improved inventory system

Waddle on!